Evelina Klanikova

Evelina Klanikova

born 1994 in Riga, Latvia
lives and works in Bad Wimpfen, Germany
2017-21 Studium der Freien Bildenden Kunst (Diplom), FKAM, Mannheim
2022 Perron-Förderpreis der Stadt Frankenthal, Malerei

Evelina Klanikova is a Latvian contemporary artist currently living in Heilbronn, Germany. Studying Fine Arts, she attended the academy Freie Kunstakademie Mannheim. Working in large to small scale oil paintings, she explores art as an outlet providing her the space to create powerful, dynamic expressions. She combines abstract and figurative formations, painting lively organic compositions into a distinct style of her own.
Inspired by natural phenomena, Klanikova examines the perception of time by emulating a long-exposure effect through her visual approach. Experimenting with thin layers of various colour combinations, she immerses herself in the slow drying process of oil paint. Flourishing in its exploratory nature, she softens and merges her compositions into dream-like imagery. Klanikova shapes the structures and patterns of intangible moments in constant transaction with each other by focusing on the transformative qualities between light and darkness. In energetic movements, her work shifts in a flow of vibrant colours, always in a state of renewal lingering in gentle luminosity.
Klanikova’s painting methods replicate the temporal and fluctuating characteristics found in the movement of nature. Whether she is painting a gust of wind, the flow of water, the evolution of a feeling, a figure, or the movement of the modern world, she creates art that emulates an intense energy caught in the midst of transformation. The quiet, slow perception of time shapes the spirit of her pieces into a sensation inspired by change, settled into a moment of pure beauty. In a portrayal of movement in constant flow; her paintings reflect the interconnectivity of the world and how life moves through them.
Evelina Klanikova

Evelina Klanikova Group Exhibitions

2022 Neue AnSichten, Raum S417, Mannheim, Katalog

2022 Kunstmesse, Frauenmuseum Bonn, Katalog

2022 Offenes Atelier, Bad Wimpfen

2022 Perron Kunstpreis in der Sparte Malerei, Kunsthaus Frankenthal

2021 Eröffnung der Galerie Hampel, Schwetzingen

2021 Strümpfe The Supper-Artclub Mannheim

2021 Sommerausstellung der Studenten, FKAM Mannheim

2021 Ping Pong 15 Dialoge, Kunstverein Viernheim, Katalog

2021 Astratto o Informale?, Galleria ARTtime, Udine, Italien

2020 Coronale, Mannheimer Kunstverein

2020 Kunst vor der Tür - Student*innen der Freien Kunstakademie Mannheim (FKAM) bringen in der Zeit von Covid-19 ihre Werke nach draußen

2019 Das geschriebene Bild, vhs Singen

2019 Sommerausstellung der Studenten, FKAM Mannheim

2019 70 Jahre Grundgesetz, Bildungszentrum der Bundeswehr (BIZ), Mannheim, Katalog

2018 Sommerausstellung der Studenten, FKAM Mannheim