Evelina Klanikova

Organic chemistry

Original painting of two parts in yellow and black fluid forms, that would perfectly pass for a living room.
Organic Chemistry is a group of abstract paintings inspired by the patterning of movement found in the constant flow of nature. In Klanikova’s distinct, dynamic expressionistic style, she captures these reactive explorations with powerful imagery.

Focusing on the visual transformative qualities between light and darkness, Organic Chemistry embraces the beauty of change through the depth of color. Klanikova examines this process through the physicality of mixing oil paints by experimenting with the slow drying process. She reflects this progression with its distinct physical properties in an abstraction of patterns, silhouettes, and fluid formations.

Organic Chemistry emulates the repetition of patterning found in the natural world, expressing an interpretation of reactivity in the development of changing from one state to the next. Freezing a moment in time, the series captures the metamorphic essence of the physical world in constant evolution