Evelina Klanikova
In a series of three abstracted portraits of the human silhouette, Inside Outside portrays different perspectives of the self in relationship to the outer world. In the first painting, Klanikova expresses an internal state of mind, capturing its energetic movement in a contained silhouette of a body form.

This internal dialogue is conveyed through the motions of amber streaks folding into its shape. In the second painting, the brushstrokes shift outwards into a sphere-like head, representing the external world in an expansion of blue explosive shapes and textures. In reflection of a worldly perspective, the background is filled with subtle, abstract forms, reminiscent of various material objects. Combining both the internal and external worlds simultaneously in the third portrait, Klanikova creates a visual exchange in a space that merges these two energies.

Removing a silhouette entirely, the piece comes together in an unconfined outburst of orange paint streaking across the canvas in a collapse of intense commotion. Merging the yellow and blue tones from the first two portraits, Klanikova creates an orange hue, expressing the chaos, dynamism, expansion and confinement of these energies in movement within themselves and each other.

Inside Outside is part of a collaborative exhibition called the Ping Pong project where fifteen students have chosen a late artist to be inspired by. Choosing Edgar Schmandt, Klanikova’s painting series is an interpretation of his common theme and obsession of painting human heads.