Evelina Klanikova

Racing standstill

Racing Standstill is a painting series reflecting the busyness of the contemporary world in a rapidly changing urban environment. Interested in natural phenomena, Klanikova visually explores the perception of time by emulating a long-exposure effect through painterly techniques. Experimenting with the slow-dry process of oil paint, she shapes thin layers of colours to soften and merge her compositions into dream-like imagery.

Usually focusing on nature and organic subject matter, Klanikova shifts toward a visual interpretation of the modern everyday with Racing Standstill. She approaches the urban landscape influenced by her characteristic style of expressing time at a slower pace. In the series, she captures refractions of unnatural and natural light as they shape the structures of architecture and human bodies in a constant transaction with each other. The patterns of movement in her city sceneries begin to overlap in a visual essence similar to a flow found in nature. Exploring ideologies between futurism and the value of slowness, Racing Standstill captures moments in time as they move from the past and into the future.